Our rules for Snoggle


We want Snoggle to be and remain a place of joy and love. Respect and tolerance are very important to us! Names that advertise other services in any way may be removed by us. In addition, we reserve the right to delete names related to:

  • Racism
  • Politics
  • Insults
  • Violance
  • Sexism


Pictures make Snoggle a lively place. To keep it that way, we reserve the right to delete offensive images. Profile pictures must show a face. Profile pictures without a clear recognition of a face can be deleted by us. We also ask you to avoid images that deal with the following topics:

  • Images where several people are recognizable
  • Images where children and/or minors can be seen
  • Images with pornographic depictions and/or sexual acts
  • Images with racist insinuations and/or depictions of violence
  • Images with guns and/or drugs
  • Images with phone numbers and/or social media links
  • Images with advertisements from other services

Profile texts

Write a meaningful text that describes you as a person or explains why you are on Snoggle. As with names and images, any content that contributes to a disruptive user experience has no place with us. Make sure other people get the best possible impression of you. This is the only way we can create a platform where everyone can find what they are looking for.

ATTENTION: Due to an increased volume of spam, links/mentions of social media profiles, phone numbers and other contact data will be deleted. In private chats, the exchange of contact data is of course possible. Thanks for your understanding!